Sharkskin boat cover

Does anybody have any experience with the Sharkskin material for a trailering cover? The material itself is made by Westland's and covers are made from it by Hurricane for one. Any real-life experiences, good or bad, would be most helpful as I try to decide on a trailering cover for a Regal 2100 LSR. I am particularly interested in its 'breathability' and its resilience when used for trailering.

I bought a Sharkskin cover from Westland last fall. It is used on a SeaRay 210. I am very happy with the cover for my purposes, which are longer term storage (1 to 3 months).

It does not breathe very well. Many times there is condensation on the inside of the cover. I live in Colorado with a very dry climate, so not sure how this would relate in other climates.

I do not trailer with it. When I did, on a 60 mile round trip, It left black marks from the straps and flapped quite a bit. They did do a good job on their custom fit. I prefer to use the Sunbrella bow and cockpit covers with snaps that came with my boat for traveling. Very little flapping or problems, and I trailer for some long distances.

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