Organizing a 16' Aluminum fishing boat--suggestions?

Thinking up some solutions for organizing a 16' 4-bench aluminum fishing boat--stuff like where to strategically store vests, tackle, etc. Obviously, plastic bins come to mind for stuff like spare parts, emergency equipment, etc. For commonly used items (pliers, knives,tackle, etc), I can't use those suction cup caddies (rough inside surface)--maybe some plastic c-clamps and cargo netting...

I'm not experienced enough to be drilling holes in my boat (yet), so if any experienced angler has a tip or two on creative storage/fishing, I'm all ears. Organizing a 16' Aluminum fishing boat--suggestions?

12" wide pieces of carpet glued to each side of each seat make a nice place to lay tackle so it won't slide off. Glue pieces of styrofoam to the gunwales, you can keep lures, hooks etc. there.

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