How to patch rivets on an aluminum boat?

Great Group. Does anyone know of a good product and/or method to patch loose rivets and a few possible holes in a small aluminum fishing boat?

Its the thin light colored aluminum. The previous owner used some kind of "caulking" on the outside bottom along the rows of rivets that hold the bench seats in and they leak.

So far, my ideas are...

To scrap off the old "caulking" type patch and do it over again with some kind of very strong water proof sealer that will bond well to aluminum.

I have used a product a few years ago called "Marine Tex" on fiberglass that was very strong. I think the directions said it could also be used on steel and I think a buddy said the stuff was strong enough to fix cracks in engine blocks!

Please post and email me. All comments and replies welcomed. Thanks! Its to take the kids fishing. The canoe is getting to small.

I repaired a Feathercraft with many rotted rivets using aircraft aluminum bolts and nylock nuts from Aluminum Fastener Supply, Naples, FL, (800)526-0341, and with pop rivets. Put on 3 coats of epoxy based paint. All has been well for 5 years now.

What is Your answer?

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