Best Boat Cover for Whaler?

Can anyone recommend the best boat cover for a Boston Whaler? - either off-the-shelf or custom made is OK. It is an old 18' Montauk with the center console. Fabric recommendations are welcome also. Please E-Mail as well as post.

IMHO, regardless of boat brand, sunbrella is a superior fabric for a boat cover. It is an expensive fabric but lasts well and keeps out the UV and moisture. It breathes fairly well so you can probably avoid the use of small vents in your cover.

If you plan to tow your boat while it is covered, I recommend a custom cover by a highly recommended shop. Tell the owner you want a towing cover because the design is very different from that of a mooring or storage cover.

Keeping your boat covered while not in use will add a lot to the pleasure of using your boat by saving the appearance and condition of the boat while significantly reducing the hours of cosmetic maintenance required.

Sunbrella can be heavy. If longevity (expense) is not a serious consideration, and you will not tow with the cover installed, you may want to consider a lightweight cover made of sailcloth or similar with some UV resistance. Lighter covers simplfy removal and reinstallation and store in a much smaller space.

If the cover is only for storage, consider a stock cover for lower cost.

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