Starcraft Aluminum Boat Questions

I am looking at buying a 16 foot 1986 Starcraft aluminum runabout with an 80 hp Mercury outboard. Principal users will be my teenage sons who plan to use it for water skiing. The owner says the boat has a small leak which he assumes comes from around one of the rivets. He says the bilge pump handles the leak without problems. How big a concern is this? I don't want to be buying into future headaches. Also is this boat lighter than a comparable fiberglass boat would be?

The boat is lighter than a comparable fiberglass of the year. As for the leak - Unless it is a major leak, depending on where it is, it may be a simple thing to repair. Perhaps some silicone sealer and/or along with using a bolt, washers (plural) and a nut - just drill out the old rivet and replace it with the nut, bolt washers setup. Another possibility is have someone hold a metal block on one side of the offending rivet and hit it with a hammer on the other side (to expand the rivet more). PS Easiest way to find the leak is when the boat is on the trailer put water inside the hull and see where it comes out.

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