Spectrum Opinions?

Anyone have any opinions on Spectrum boats? I'm looking at a 19' Spectrum Aluminum with a 4.3 Litre Merc. for both fishing and skiing in salt and fresh water. Pros and cons for these applications?

A friend of mine had a Spectrum 18" fish n ski and he really liked it except for one thing the alluminum hull he said was too light in rough water this was on a fresh water resovoir in western Pa. and on the weekends it could get pretty bad because of all the boats on the lake, were not talking swells or anything but just chop 1 to 2 foot stuff he liked the boat though and his was an outboard a 90 hp Force if I remember right he used hte boat to ski tube and occasionally kneeboard when I would lend it to him. I liked his boat it was easy on gas and had a good top end about 43 mph. I think the Spectrum is a decent line of boats for their purpose but I don't know if I would go offshore in one. If you are talking about offshore when you said saltwater maybe you should go out in one before buying, if saltwater is in a bay shouldn't be too bad. Just make sure the boat you buy will serve your purpose, and if at all possible go out in the types of conditions you will boat in.

What is Your answer?

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