Repair leak in Aluminum Jon-boat?

I own a 9' aluminum jon-boat made by Lowe (OMC) which is two years old. It's developed a small, pinhole leak along one of its bottom seams. It's still under warranty, but the thought of getting it back into (or on top of) my van and then leaving it at the dealer for who-knows-how-long has me thinking of attempting to repair this myself.

I noticed in the West Marine catalogue that they sell an "Aluminum Etch Repair Kit", which they describe as a "two part treatment for preparation of aluminum surfaces for bonding with epoxy. Significantly improves adhesion."

I assume from the foregoing that the preferred method of making this repair myself would be to etch the aluminum and stuff epoxy into the "hole."

My questions:

1. If I brought it back to the dealer, would they do a more permanent or better repeair, ie using metal, or solder, or whatever?

2. If this is just a tiny pinhole, would expoxy likely be just as good?

3. I'm moderately handy, but is this something I'd be better off leaving to pros?

I would take it to a welder who has a TIG machine and knows how to use it. This is a lot better fix than epoxy. Send the bill to the company who made the boat

What is Your answer?

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