Need Info on Aluminum Boats

I am considering purchasing a new aluminum V-hull boat in the 16-18' range. Does anyone have any information concerning which make is best? MonArch? Challenger? Lowe? Fisher? Or any others? I am looking for a boat to use mainly for bass/crappie fishing with a 50-80HP engine

First of all please turn on on your program. There are a lot of good makes and different methods of manufacturing. Some are welded and others are riveted. I used to own a Lund (riveted) and their motto at the time was, "When they start welding airplanes we'll weld our boats." I don't know if that has changed. What I would recommend is you go to some launch sites in your area. When you see someone with a boat that looks like what your looking for ask the owner for some feedback. Granted, some owners will exaggerate but it's a rare boater that doesn't relish the chance to talk about their baby.

The more time you spend researching the better chance you have in getting the right boat for you at a good price. Try and avoid rushing into anything. Many boats are purchased with way too much emotion clouding the buyers judgment. I've done it and it can take a lot out of your potential enjoyment.

One last thought. I saw your post about Force outboards. I have never heard a good word said about them. I've heard a lot of horror stories and seen a couple first hand. Unless it's REAL CHEAP, real clean and your real easy on your "stuff" I'd be real careful.

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