Sea Ark Jon boat info needed

I'm considering buying a used 18' Sea Ark, Aluminum, Jon Boat with tunnel hull and center console. Can anyone give me any information on these boats. Reliabilty? Any problem areas?

I have looked at their web site for some time and by the looks of the size of their company I would imagine they make as good a welded aluminum Jon boat as anyone.

I know that Xpress makes a 16T and 17T that are suppose to be very good tunnel/prop Jon boats. The 17T can be ordered with a Modified-V bow as well. It is 56 wide at the bottom rear and is rated for 60hp max.

SeaArk has two sizes of 18' tunnel prop Jons.

1860 (0.100" skin) 60" wide at bottom/rear is rated for 60hp max

1872 (0.125" skin) 72" wide at bottom/rear is rated for 80hp max.


Tunnel/propeller hull flats fishing boats are popular in the Gulf of Mexico in TX and in northwestern FL and in the Bahamas where there are miles of shallows with few 'rocks'.

Most of the prop tunnels (5-7" high) aluminum Jon boats are flat bottom which can be pretty rough in any chop at all. I would wonder if someone makes a 6 degree bottom? Lowe makes a jet tunnel (3" high) models that have 6 degree bottoms.

I would say by what I have been able to figure out is that about 90% are fiberglass though.

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