Repairing aluminum boat

Have an old APPLEBY twelve foot, mfg in Mo (?) way back when. Just fits the bill for what I want, so am willing to spend the time overhauling. Happen to have teak boards for the tramsom & rod holders, so that takes care of the superficial. First have a small seam to weld at the back transom & would like to know what rod (oxy-act) to use. Second, some sepage along the bottom. What is best method of repairing? Am thinking tightening the rivets, or running aluminum solder in the seams.

As far as I know, you can't weld aluminum with oxy/act. You need to use some type of arc welding that uses an inert gas shield around the arc. You might find a local muffler shop that has a mig welder and someone who can do aluminum. Or track down somebody who does work for some sort of autoracing like roll cages.

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