Waiting for my new boat - STILL! What to do?

April 1 I order a custom Ranger boat from the local dealer. At the time I ordered the boat I told him that I had a trip to Canada planned in June. He said the boat would arrive by the middle of May.

June 5th I called the dealer to inquire about the boat. He told me it was on the way and would arrive on the 9th. My Canada trip was June 16th and I really didn't want to break in the motor in Canada so I told the dealer that he could get it ready while I was on my trip and I would pick it up when I returned that next week.

On June 26 I called the dealer and was told that he didn't have time to get the boat ready the previous 2 weeks but that it would be done on Thursday June 29 for the 4th of July weekend. I called again on the 29th and was told that there was a problem with the motor and they had to order the parts. The dealer said the parts take 4 days to arrive and the boat should be done this week. He also told me that the snap down cover would not be ready because the guy that made them was too busy (even though I ordered the boat and cover 3 months prior).

It is now Thursday and I haven't heard from the dealer. Since I live in WI, I really only have a few weeks of good boating before the lakes turn really green. So I really don't care if I get the boat or not this year.

At this point I am concerned about poor service from this dealer if anything goes wrong. He is the only dealer within 100 miles. Is it wrong of me to cancel the deal at this point? The price of the boat is about $40,000.00 - probably something he won't be able to resell around here. Waiting for my new boat - STILL! What to do?

Dump the dealer, cancel your order and drive however far it is to find a dealer that is responsible and timely.

I wouldn't put up with those shenanigins, tha'ts totaly ridiculous, boat is delayed, comes in with a bad motor, etc. etc. etc.

No way Joe, Id be asking back my deposit at this point or if I hadn't given one I'd be definately canceling my order, they have not lived up to their order of the initial delivery date.

What is Your answer?

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