painting aluminum boat

painting aluminum boat I am planning to camoflauge a boat for duck hunting. Anyone know of a way to do this? Do I need to use those expensive marine paints or can I use paint from a hardware store (Rustoleum etc.)? I was thinking about using 50% muriatic acid and H2O and then a primer and paint. Any suggestions. I'd like to keep this as reasonable as possible.

- Go with DuPont's VariPrime and the recommended wash. Not too expensive at all. Then use a decent grade of epoxy on top. It won't last for a lot of years, but should give you a couple of years of good service.

-do not use muriatic acid on aluminum, it will leave a oxide and a oily residue. use phosphoric acid at about 50%(cut with water) it can be bought at 85% from a chem. supplier also add good grease remover like purple power or the like-about 25% once dry wash with aladine witch you can get when you buy your paint I would also make your first coat a two part epoxy-one of the Rustoleum paints will work fine, also if you stay with epoxy for all your colors after exposure to the weather for awhile it will lose it's shine and make a more effective camo.

-I used a primer from Petit last week painting a rudder. It was the most tenacious stuff I've ever seen... still on the fingers and sandals! Check to make sure you have the one that's for aluminum.

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