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The wife and I are looking into new 14 ft. (or so) aluminum boats for lake use in Maine and Ma. We need something relatively deep V but I'm wondering about the power. Many lakes are 10 hp restricted and we go to many of these for fishing with our canoe but now have a need to launch from a trailer and also would like to cross some of the larger bodies of water we encounter without going upsidedown. Will a 9.9 Mercury power a 14 ft deep v respectably with the two of us and some fishing gear in it ? If so, how about a 16 ft.? WE have two boats in mind so far, one is the wider and nicely set up Monach, the other a Lund Adventurer, these are fully open boats, the Monach has a walking deck or floor and looks like it could stand more power just sitting there at the dealers yard .

We have no need for speed at all, we do want reasonble efficiency though and know that a plowing boat( can not plane) is not the way to go, nor do need or want a bass boat or drag boat.

-How about a Lund 16-SSV Alaskan? Nice deep V for an aluminum boat, put a 30 HP 4-stroke on the back and you'll have a nice package. Much better boat han an A-14. As for the lakes with HP restrictions, how about an electric trolling motor? If you're buying in Mass. check out Tropicland in Dedham, Roy's Marina in Worcester or Essex Marina.

-Small lakes with restrictions are not a problem , we have electric trolling motors and a 1 year old 2.5 merc. we use on the canoe anyway. I figured we would use the 2.5 for long line trolling for Salmon on the aluminum boat rather than let the larger engine lump around for long periods of time, this should be perfect. I think the Alaskan is a bit more boat than we had in mind but I'll check it out.

-I am pretty sure that the Lund ssv14 is available with a floor package as well. A 9.9 with two people on a 14 footer used to be the standard walleye boat here in Minnesota about 30-35 years ago. Still is a very good package, for minimal investment (at least now days!)

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