Lowes Aluminum Boats

I own a 16 ft. Lowes Big Jon. It is now 2 years old and has provided me with more enjoyment than any boat I,ve ever owned. I've fished in this boat several miles off Floridas' Gulf Coast, the inside waters of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the inlets of Chincoteague, Va., and have crossed the Chesapeake Bay too many times to count. It is not a six foot seas boat, although because of it's higher than normal bow, I've been caught in rough seas a few times, and have had little problems getting home. I've added a bimini top and carpeted plywood floor. It has an open walk through design and is very nice for fishing. The boat is rated up to a 30 h.p. I have a Evinrude 15 on mine, but this isn't quite enough for 2 men, coolers, and equipment. I am going to upgrade to a 25 this year. The pros are wide beam, nice raised casting platform up front with storage under, nice wide rear seat, and very economical to operate. The only con I can think of is ther is no rear well to collect any water for a bilge pump. This company makes larger boats with the same configuration, up to 19 ft. I believe. You should check this boat out.

-I have a fully top on my 16 foot starcraft which attaches to the walk thru windshield and has seethru side curtains. I run a 12/24 volt trolling motor and have no problem with wind. If it's that windy that 41 pounds of thrust won't hold the boat I either fish areas where the wind is reduced or I troll or drift quartering my casts into the wind.

-I see you put a bimini top on a 6' alum boat. I have a Bass Tracker 16 that is about 74 in wide. How does your boat handle with the top. Does the wind whip it around. In Colorado we have a LOT of wind.

-I have had both a 16' "motor boat" and a 16' alum boat....two different things entirely. The m.b. you could use for skiing and would easily hold a bimini top. The aluminum is your basic alum flats type boat and theres no way I could put a top on it.

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