Anyone own, or know anyone else who owns a 'Legend' aluminum fishing boat?

Anyone own, or know anyone else who owns a 'Legend' aluminum fishing boat?

- A friend of mine has a Legend 14 ft. "Wide Body". Nice boat, very stable hull, easy to plane. My only complaint with legend is, IMHO, they tend to underpower their packages in, what I assume, is an attempt to keep the price low. I find the price they charge for the upgraded motor is also wildly inflated.

- Do you think a 1200-lb 17.5ft aluminum fish/sport boat is underpowered with a 60HP 4-stroke Merc? Just curious.....I'm new to mid-range power boating.

- Legend's V-170 AllSport package last year came standard with a 40hp 2 stroke merc. The hull weighs 1300-lb and is rated for as much as 90hp. Although I'm no expert, I would say that 60hp would be adequate but 40hp would be underpowered. . I find that now, as 4-Strokes have increased in popularity, some boat manafacturers are not only rating their hulls for maximum horsepower but also for maximum engine weight. As an example I have 2 friends that each run "Lund" 1675 Pro-Fisherman. They are rated for a 115-hp with no rating given for maximum weight. Both are running 115-hp Yamaha 4-Strokes. IMHO that motor is way too heavy for the boat as the water comes right over the transom and floods the splashwell everytime the boat comes off of plane. While trolling, the waterline is less than 2 inches below the engine cowling. Another friend of mine has a "Lund" 16 ft. Sendero with a 50hp Merc 4-stroke and has little difficulty keeping up with either of them. I guess my point is, as long as your happy with the boats performance that's all that matters.

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