Inflatable Fishing Boats - How Bad are They?

Inflatable Fishing Boats - How Bad are They? I can't get a "real" boat this year... How are inflatables like the Intex Bass Boat or Sevylor FishHunter?

- Why don't you look for a Used John boat The best way to get the best deal , is yard shopping, look at yards , and look for a john boat that has weeds grown up all around it, like it has not been used for years, Aluminum boats can sit for years and years, and be just as good as new, even if the paint is all peeled off.

I know guys that have picked up these type john boats for under 100 dollars, they just knock on the door and ask, many get them from women just wanting them out of the yard, but have not thought about selling them. It may take 20 or so over priced ones before you get your deal you want, but any john boat beats an inflatable. most have oar locks, or you can go by a pawn shop and pick up a small trolling motor for around 20 bucks.

Nearly every old, used, stripped, john boat cost less than a new "good" inflatable. and these can be set up nice. a little at a time, by adding seats, fish finder, out board, foot controlled trolling motor

Something to think about anyway, unless where you fish, only an inflatable will do

- They are ok on small bodies of water (ponds or small lakes) - just have to watch your hooks. I would put them in the same class as a belly boat and would use them in the same bodies of water.

As a member of thiswebsite, email me in private and I will do everything I can to ensure you are setup with the best equipment that is right for you, including if you want a new or used Ranger, Nitro, Triton, Champion, Tracker, or Lund fishing boat.

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