dicussion abt Inflatable Boat Repair?

dicussion abt Inflatable Boat Repair? My old inflateble has become porous. It's made of the neoprene, not hypalon. Have heard about some liquid that impregnates the rubber from the inside. One is supposed to sip it into the chambers. Please if anyone knows where to find it (web address). Any experience?

- I bought the liquid from a place that sold Zodiacs, a Google search should find it. It lasts for a while, the only permanent fix is to go buy boat made from hypalon.

My advice is to save your money, unless a temporary fix is what you are looking for.

- A Google search for "inflatable boat repair" brought 95,000 hits. One of these is: www.allinflatables.com/support/repairs.html

- Inland and DUX both make inflatable tube sealant for slow leaks. It is air curing liquid latex. You deflate the tube, add the liquid through the valve, squish it around and reinflate. Then spend the next few hours rolling and tilting the boat to get all the interior coated.

However, it will only give you another season or two of use. Once applied real professional interior patches are not possible so even the vendors recommend that it be used only as a last resort and only on the tube that is leaking.

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