Would you believe it? the bow eye broke on my 16 ft aluminum gregor jet boat.

Would you believe it? the bow eye broke on my 16 ft aluminum gregor jet boat. I think the former owner put some flimsy bow eye on. I cut the old bow eye out with bolt cutters - drilled a bigger hole for the new eye . the marine guy said to use epoxy to fill in the hole after a toggle style bolt was put in to hold the new and more substantial eye. another guy (not a marine tech) said that it had to be welded. any suggestions? I plan to use another tie-down from a bow ring to make sure the boat doesn't slide off the trailer (kind of important huh?) I am not in the habit of putting a lot of strain on the bow eye (I put the trailer in the water a little

- Most bow eyes are thru bolted w/ a front plate and backing plate. The holes are siliconed up and the plates cover the holes and provide support. To do the job properly you have to get to the hull where the bow eye goes thru. Either you have to remove the deck/cap (depending on boat) or you might be able to reach the bow from a hatch up front. Depends on the boat. I guess you could weld it in place but it will probably look like crap.

- if your friend is saying that you should tig weld the eyelet to the boat hull i would smile and go with what you was told by the marine guy.......you can tig weld the eyelet and do a very neat job but with the boat and eyelet not being made of pure alluminum you get a week weld then to top it of as you have no way of heat harderning the weld you risk the eyelet coming off or a section of your boat weakened by the heat ripping away from the hull......if you ask someone who welds how to fix something you will always get told the same ...."i can weld that" which is proberly true it doesnt mean it should be welded

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