Express Aluminum Boat. Can anyone help?

I am sailing an Express, and there are some vibrations in the hull when the boat achieves a certain speed. Is tension in the hull the reason ? Does this reduce the speed, and if so, what can I do ?

- It is most likely tip vortex turbulence from the keel and/or rudder that you feel. This is not abnormal and, although it does cause some drag, there is nothing much that can be done about it. About the only thing that reduces tip votices to unnoticable levels is a very high aspect ratio appendage. I'm talking narrow (two or three feet) and deep (12-15 feet). Most keels and rudders are a compromise in order to not have prohibitive draft and vortex-related vibrations are a consequence. Don't worry about your speeds being reduced as an Express (30 I would guess) is not very fast to begin with. I have outdistanced a couple of them with my Coronado 27.

- First of all, what Express? California or Canada? 20, 27, 30, 30M, 34, 35, 37? At what speed? Is it in the rigging or actually in the hull? If in the hull, from the keel, or from the rudder? Motoring or sailing? How about a little more detail.

What is Your answer?

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