looking at a 50 ft. custom built aluminum boat?

looking at a 50 ft. custom built aluminum boat? Could some one please give me the pros and cons of an aluminum boat of this size? Would like to know what is needed for the up keep of this type of boat.

- Light weight, higher initial cost, almost no maintenance, harder to build and repair than steel or fiberglass. It think they look good unpainted, but some people don't like the look. Depending on what type of hull you have, you may have to add a lot of ballast to bring her down to her designed waterline if she was originally designed to be built of other materials. Get a copy of Bruce Robert's book on metal boat building for all (ok, most of) the answers.

- For what use in what waters.... what type aluminum construction?

- 50' foot aluminum? Heading to easter island? The cost of such a boat would be a few mortage's.

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