Transom Repair on Fiberglass Boat

I have a 18' fiberglass boat in great shape other than the plywood in the lower portion of the transom is rotted and the floor needs to be replaced. The boat has a splash well built into the transom. My first thought was to grind out the rotted wood from the interior side and fill with epoxy and fiberglass; then place 1x3 white oak strips horizonally across the repaired area in a couple of places, fiberglassed in with epoxy and through bolted with 3/8 ss bolts. Anyone out there with experience or suggestions as to how to tackle this repair?

-While in Miami for business, This Old Boat did a transom repair were they had a stainless steel cover made (outside only). With 3-M 5200 sealant and bolts through the top, they made a repair. How bad the transom was, I don't remember but the boat had seen better days.

-You've gotten some suggestions on how to repair your transom. The only thing I can add that might help you down the road is that during repair any of the original wood remaining and any new wood put in should be liberally soaked in the Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES) before enclosing in glass, paint, or whatever. This includes all bolt/screw holes. You can see all tech details/ costs/order info at the website, http://www.rotdoctor.com/

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