how to clean boat tops cover ?

Does any body know how to clean a boat top properly? I was wondering if a boat top can be cleaned in a very large commercial washer. A commercial laundry near by has a large 125lb. washer with a 3.5 foot drum that is 2 feet deep , It has no aggitator as it is a tumble washe would this work or would it be to hard on the boat top?

-I can't even pretend to be an expert in laundry matters but I can share a recent experience with you. I used a washing machine to wash a sail cover. It was made of a Pacific Blue canvas. It was only a couple years old.

I don't remember what detergent I used, probably Bold or Tide. A large piece of fabric with a lot of body went into the machine. I limp piece of cotton cloth came out.

-what type of material is top made of ? if it is Sunbrella an acrylic material it is color fast and can be washed in a washing machine with ivory flakes or ivory liquid and one cup of bleach . air dry do NOT put in drier or it will end up postage stamp size .

if it is a vinyl coated fabric use a cleaner such as star brite vinyl shampoo and armorall after it is dry . black spots are mold or mildew and can be cleaned with star brite mildew stain remover .

if it is cotton canvas try to enjoy its existing condition

-In reference to sunbrella and other acrylic products Wow! I don't know about that bleach thing. I read scrub with a brush and warm soap and water. never use detergent or bleach. I don't think the stitching much likes the bleach either. I sew tops for a living and every supplier i have always said "no bleach" This is opinion and not based on "scientific fact"

-I have a new 1996 boat with sunbrella tops. After first season I washed in washing machine on gentle cycle with ivory liquid but no bleach with great results. the safe rec method is to use a soft brush but it just didn't seem like it would clean as well. Sometimes if you just use some common sense and think of the method the results can be greatly enhanced.

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