seat cover material

My new tall seat foam has arrived. Hurray!!! Now I just need seat cover. I don't want any of the wiz-band graphics or grippy stuff. Just plain old vinyl, perferably in black. Anyone know where I pick up some material in the San Jose, CA area to make my new seat cover?

-Could be worse - I'm 5'10" with a 30" inseam. Low center of gravity is good for Hockey though.

-I had a local upholsterer re-do the seat for my XT550. He used low-temp snowmobile seat vinyl, french seams (flat, double-sewn) on the front and rear edges. Cost $40. I thought it was a bargain since it was less than any seat covers in the aftermarket catalogues.

- you may want to get some "wiz-band graphics or grippy stuff". A buddy of mine tried the same thing on an old bike he had and we spent 2 hours trying to get the vinyl stretched right. Ended up taking it to a seamstress and having the shape sewn in. That's the big advantage of the formed covers. By the way try a Ceet cover another friend of mine got one for his CR and it actuay looks stock. No "wiz-band graphics or grippy stuff".

-Mike---go to a "fabric" shop, you know the ones that sell the bolts of cloth and all thoses goodies for the sewing do it yourselfers. They should have a couple grades of marine-grade vinyl-the stuff for boat seats. I made a cover for my old DT seat with some. It has worked very well.

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