Sugar Sand Tango jet boat?

I have been shopping boats..mostly I/O 18' bowriders. A friend has strongly suggested a jet boat instead. The Sugar Sand Tango has 175hp and is rated good for pulling waterskier. Anyone have experience with this boat or any other jet boat? Ski boats like Mastercraft are wonderful but out of my league. I received 3 replys to my inquiry ...all negative about jet boats. I appreciate the info about the poor gas mileage and its ski ability. One last request....Is anyone out there happy with their jet boat repair?

-I think you're just asking the wrong group. This is rec.sport.waterski. Most folks here have tournament boats or would like to have a tournament boat instead of their present (affordable) I/O.

To get more, ummnn, *neutral* comments, I'd suggest querying a different website.

Personally, I've ridden in a couple of those small jetboats and they were a lot of fun. I've also ridden jetskis (usually attacked mercilessly on thiswebsite) and enoyed myself. I'd never actually spend any of my own money to have either of these watercraft, mind you; but I had fun with them for a couple of hours.

-Over the years I have heard the following positives about jet drives.

Cheap (relatively) upkeep/repair costs Excellent for shallow waters

Not a long list, but at least something. Also, in reality very few of us are really concerned about milage. Heck, tournament boats are terrible in this regard. But to be honest, with a brand name like that I'd think twice

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