Crochet Boat Fenders - Almost OT

I've been wanting to make fenders for my current project, but have been intimidated by the need to use a crown sinnet to cover the fender core. With a crown sinnet, I would have lots of strands of rope all over the place and I'm easily confused .

While reading my copy of Ashley's book of knots, he mentions the similiarities between chain sinnets and crochet. That got me thinking that perhaps I could crochet (never done that before either) the covers instead of using a crown knot. The one big advantage is that I could work off of a single strand from my big ball of twine and only do as much as I felt like in an evening.

Has anyone else ever tried to, or heard of using crochet techniques for fenders? Do you think it would work and still look nice?

- I believe you're thinking of a "knitting nancy" - http://www.waynesthisandthat.com/knittingnancys.html

Ashley mentions that similar units were used to create old style money purses. That's certainly a thought and it would possible make it easier to keep everything in place on the fender as I'm working along it.

-Seems to me that today's inflated vinyl fenders are much to be preferred. They're inexpensive, actually provide cushioning, don't consume time, and don't harbor marine life. A 'pudding' for the pointy end of a dinghy might be worth the effort.

-Ignore the naysayers Andrew; traditional fenders have a saltiness about them that is noticeably lacking in the more modern plastic versions, even if they have some downsides. These types of fenders can be just the thing to set off ye olde time craft ^^

Ive sent you a couple of jpegs of how to make a cross pointed fender which starts off with a whipping at the head. These arent too hard to make and you should be able to knock one over in an evening with a six pack.

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