Aluminum Boat vs. Fiberglass Fish & Ski

I appreciate the excellent advice I received last week about the Fish & Ski boats. Rich Stern was particularly helpful. His recommendation of a Javelin Fish & Ski boat is high on my list. I am also considering boats just a little smaller than the 19' Javelin. One of the boats that I saw on the internet was the Crestliner Fish & Ski boats. There are several models and sizes to choose from. The MAIN difference, as far as I could tell, in these boats and most other boats of this type is that the Crestliner F&S is made of aluminum rather than fiberglass. From looking at a picture, I couldn't tell the difference between aluminum and fiberglass. However, I'm sure that there are some differences. Would anyone care to tell me the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum versus fiberglass for a fish & ski boat in the 16' to 19' size range?

-There are several differences between Aluminum and Fiberglass:

Aluminum is generally lighter than fiberglass boat for boat This allows for easier towing, less hp to speed/acceleration Aluminum boats usually ride a little rougher due to the lighter weight Aluminum boats usually are rated for less weight due to their less stability (boat for boat) Aluminum boats can be left in the water for extended periods of time without the fiberglass blistering (if bottom paint is not used) Aluminum boats hold up better when you hit something in the water (like a stump or something in real shallow water).

Overall for ride and stability I would recommend the Fiberglass unless you need aluminum for some reason stated above. Javelin makes a very good Fish & Ski boat. I do recommend you get the max hp rated for the boat if your serious about skiing people though. You never have too much power for this job with several people on board.

-I have a '99 Crestliner 1850 Sportfish model and like it very much. You will find the Crestliner boats a little heavier (grade of aluminum) then most other aluminum boats in comparsion (this should also compare to the "ride" factor of the fiberglass boats). The hull is welded, not rivited and comes with a full 20 year warranty. They are very popular fishing boat here in Minnesota/Upper Midwest, where the are built

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