Aluminum sailboat

I have been looking at an aluminum sailing boat for sale. Does anyone have any experience with yachts constructed of aluminum? What are some of the maintenance issues related to aluminum boats?

-I think aluminum is one of the better materials with which to build a boat. It is light and durable and requires almost no upkeep provided the correct alloy is used. Bottom paint is a problem since they outlawed Tributyltin bottom paints but you can still get it on the black market because the Navy continues to use it for their ships because it is ever so much more effective than copper based paints. Aluminum never suffers from the dreaded pox. Sweating is a problem so look for a layer of insulation on the inside of the hull.

I constantly marvel at aluminum's durability. I have been throwing all my aluminum beer cans overboard for the past several years and some of them in the donut shaped pile that surrounds my mooring are over seven years old and still look good as new. And you all know how thin aluminum beer cans are!

Better than aluminum is titanium. At the Miami boat show about ten years ago, I checked out a sailboat an individual was selling. He had made it himself out of titanium. The price was way too high for my pocketbook, however.

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