motor for aluminum row boat

Does anyone have a suggestion for a small motor to be put on a Grumman aluminum row boat. I think its around 12 or 13feet. Getting tired of rowing to the fishing hot spots.

-If it's not far, an electric trolling motor is quiet and clean. But a 50 lb battery in an little boat can be a pain.

If you want to go with gas, first check the rating plate on the transom to determine the max horsepower.

As far as brands, I have always had really good luck with the small 2 cylinder Evinrudes (4 or 6 hp deluxe models w F-N-R gears), they take what you give them and just keep going. Beware of one thing on the recent ones, the safety kill switch (the one with the lanyard that is supposed to kill the engine if you fall out of the boat) can fail and leave you with what acts like a dead motor, pull the wire under the cowl and it'll crank right back up.

I have also had good luck with the Nissan 1 cyl 5hp engine, but being just one cyl, it was not as smooth as the Evinrude.

The BVI charter companies seem to use mostly Evinrude and Mercury (if memory serves). That should say something about reliability...

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