Aluminum Flat Bottom Boat Plans

I am trying to find plans for building a flat bottom welded aluminum boat, 18' to 20', for fishing purposes in shallow water. If anyone can steer me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

-Dudley Dix offers this 20 footer in steel or aluminum:


-You might attract a coho at idle with a 9.9, but it's WAY too fast for a trout. We all use electric trolling motors around here: much more variable (a 40-lb Minn Kota would push your boat anywhere from 0 to 4-5mph) Cheaper than an outboard, easier on the environment, easier to sneak up on wary fish...

-How fast will you troll for Muskies? How fast will the 10HP push the boat? Trolling for striped bass in the Ches. Bay is done about 3 mph. Trolling for spanish mackerel is done from 5-6 mph. I would think the 10HP would push your boat that fast.

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