Camo painting a aluminum duck boat

I have a 17' Tracker Grizzly that is an drab olive green color. It is an aluminum boat. I would like to camo paint it. As for color scheme and pattern, I would like Advantage MAX 4 or Advantage Wetlands. My plan is not to make it match those camo patterns necessarily, but that general pattern and color scheme is what I want.

Any recommendations on paint type, brands, stencils, good directions? I see where Cabelas and BassPro sell stencil kits and spray paint. Just wondered how easy this was to do and how well it would turn out. In searching the web, I came across a picture of something similar that I would like to end up with:


I use this boat all year long including fishing, tubing, water skiing. I got this boat because it served my hunting needs as well as being able to use it the rest of the year. It is primarily a duck boat and I am fine with people knowing that it is a duck boat!

-First, I would recommend using a brown indoor/outdoor carpent on the inside of the boat (not paint). It will last longer, deaden the sound (VERY important for fishing), and give some degree of insulation. About the only negative is that it makes the boat somewhat heavier.

For the outside of the boat, I wouldn't worry about it. Instead, get a good duck blind frame and attach fast grass. Honestly, when the boat is in the water, there is only a few inches (12" ?) of space between the water and the top of the boat, and most of that will be covered with blind material anyway.

-I believe that you are one of the moderators of the Rec.Hunting group, correct? I recently had to change website servers from Supernews to nntp.charter.net. Since I've done that, none of the posts that I've sent to rec.hunting have appeared in the boards.

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