My Aluminum Craft Boat Fuel Tanks Need Replacing -HELP!

bought a 1978 Chris Craft 410 Commander a year ago and have been fixing everything on it.

The last problem need is that the port fuel tank apparently had water in it for a long period of time which caused the aluminum fuel tank to corrode badly. It is old anyway at this point but I am told the aluminum has broken down and the interior aluminum decay is clogging up my fuel water seperator filter with tiny pieces of what looks like a granular oatmeal substance. Which means I have to constantly change out the filter to keep running.

Right now I have gone to the fuel direction valve in the rear of the engine compartment and have both engines running off the starboard fuel tank....which has reduced the engine performance.

My question is who still makes the original Chris Craft fuel tanks and how can I get a hold of them? My local marina in Northern Texas on Lake Texoma wants to farm the job out to a local welder but I prefer to buy the replacements that are made for the boat.

The tanks are both located under the bed platform in the master suite in the rear of the boat. If I have to replace one I might as well replace both at this point.

How big a job is it to remove and replace these tanks?

Can I be so lucky to get advice from another Chris Craft boat owner who has already had this problem and got it done right?

-I have a 1958 22' Chris Craft Sea Skiff. Very different boat, but I too am thinking of replacing the fuel tank. Ours is steel and not tooooo badly rusted inside. After running probably 30 hours with a small filter is was a bit clogged. Not so bad as we noticed an performance change...but enough that I can see rust particles in the small filter.

Even on this "classic" boat that we've lovingly restored and want to be as close to orginal as we can, I have no problem with the idea of a local welder making a new tank

-you can find quality replacement tanks on Ebay. Aluminum, Fiberglass, or plastic.

What is Your answer?

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