Aluminum Chambered Boats ACB What do you think!

Aluminum Chambered Boats ACB What do you think? anybody out there have information about the 26' ACB?

-I have looked seriously at a Pacific boat which seem very similar (except for the powder coating). They are great boats

-Go here and look at this video.


Notice anything interesting about the ACB boat?

The bow really dips when taking the turn. That has got to the a high G event for those riding in the cabin.

Which, to me, would seem to indicate that in a head on sea, you are going to get the same effect every time it hits a wave.

-Guy in SoCal has a 6 pac business and uses an ACB. Flies over the waves. Says it rides softly in heavy seas. http://www.allcoastsportfishing.com/forum and do an aarchive search on ACB and/or Flatty Matty.

What is Your answer?

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