Aluminum Boat trailer for a 22' Grady White

I'm looking at aluminum boat trailer for a 22' Grady White. Anyone out there with advice? I've talked to Boatmaster, Loadmaster, Tropic Trailers and Navigator. Also, does anyone have experience with torsion axles. They sound good (no springs and shackles to rust) but, how do they pull?

- most of the trailers you've mentioned are about the same in quality. Make sure the bunks are cypress and the axles have posi-lube, rather than the bearing buddy style.

-One more question... I've always selected galvanized steel trailers over painted steel trailers for what I hope are obvious reasons. I haven't bought a new boat and trailer in years so I'm curious about aluminum trailers. It seems like an aluminum trailer wouldn't be as strong as one made from galvanized steel. Obviously an aluminum trailer would be lighter but what are the trade-off between an aluminum and a galvanized steel trailer?

-I bought a Load Rite aluminum trailer a year ago for a 22' Grady Seafarer. No problems. I went with aluminum to save weight over galvanized steel given that I was pushing the max trailering capacity of my Ford Explorer. Aluminum trailers do squeak, however, when flexed.

I had torsion bar suspension on an EZLoader I bought new for an 18' boat 3 years ago. I'll never have another one. Both tires "scalloped" after about 1000 miles. (I trailer my boat 200 miles each trip.) I checked and double-checked the axle alignment. I'm guessing the problem was that every time the trailer bounced, the tires flexed in and out because of the torsion bar. With springs, I think the tires would maintain their "flat" position on the road and the springs would absorb the shock. I'm no expert as you can tell, but I'd advise checking this out before buying a torsion bar-equipped trailer.

-The alum trailer does not rust when it is scratched. As far as strength, I dunno. Alum boat trailers are very popular in Florida.

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