Laci~Portable Boat Wheels and Aluminum Boat Trailer that were missing

I was wondering what Aluminum Boat Trailer are. The fellow who sold the boat said they were missing along with a life jacket. In my mind I'm trying to figure out what they look like or even what they're used for. If they came with the boat where would they be now? I know jet skiers have something to move the jet skis, but this is a 14' boat..can't move it around like that. Anyone have any idea?

- It's the auxiliary wheels that attach to the trailer to help you move the trailer around by hand. I can't imagine the significance of this unless he used them to weigh her down (they are small wheels attached to a short pole--pretty heavy). I suppose they could have also gone over the side or been used as a lever to push her body out, then tossed over.

-It's the trailer to haul the boat we're talking about. I think Maggie is saying (I don't know any more about boats than you, LG) is that the boat trailer came with an extra pair of wheels, probably for the front of the trailor when it wasn't attached to a car/truck. So that the boat, on the trailor, can be pushed around by hand. Er... something like that. I'll tell you what - I don't even care if it's part of the crime - I'm just real curious as to how one would 'lose' something like that, and where is it now?

-Yesterday we went to the marina where my dtr & her hubby are boating/camping and we checked out a 14� aluminum boat for sale there, looking quite similar to the pictures I've seen on the sites of SP's boat. We came to the conclusion it wouldn't be hard at all to throw a body overboard. I still can't picture what the wheels would look like. Most trailers I've seen have the front with a crank that has an attatched wheel for raising & lowering the front of the boat unto the hitch. The seller of the boat said these were portable wheels. He has a trailer so what would the portable wheels do different? I"m wondering, too, like OAnne where they are..Jim's had a lot of boats since we've been married and I've yet to see something like this..unless it's like what jet skiers use to maneuver it over the sand into the water?

-I thought these were launch wheels, that small assembly on the end of a trailer used to smooth the launch of the boat. But that's usually more a feature of larger boat trailers, not Scott's body-disposal skiff. It would help if some reporter dug into this and told us just what "auxilliary wheels" are supposed to be missing.

I see from one of the boat photos that Scott had a wheel in the boat. Not sure what this wheel's purpose would be. Maybe just a spare for the trailer itself.

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