Aluminum boat repair in Texas

My BIL was given a small flatbottom john boat by a friend. Its one of the el cheap o's and is twelve feet long and came complete with about 28 buckshot holes in the bottom. He has a small 110 wire feed welder and wants me to try to repair the holes in the boat. I have never done much aluminum welding but plan to give it the ole college try anywho. The welding machine is a Miller model 422 [I believe] and it says that it will accept 1/16 aluminum wire and recommends pure argon. My question[s] is this. What grade of aluminum wire do I need to attempt this repair. Most of the better boats are made from .060 thickness with the generic brands usually running around .072 so I'm looking for any advice that I can get. I would also accept anyone's help who would be willing to travel to Texas at there own expense and do this job for me. By "own expense" I mean travel, food, lodging, and adult beverages of course. I will be willing to provide the aluminum wire and a few soda waters........

By any chance would there be such a thing as an aluminum flux core wire or something that will not require the gas?

-Atempting this repair with an old 110 volt MIG without any experience with MIG welding aluminum, is not something I can recommend. I think this is an excellent job for an aluminum brazing rod.

-don't try it with that wirefeed,because you will have a whole lot more holes than 28 to deal with.If it's really .060/.072 you better get the metal real clean,and use a ac tig machine with probally 5356 wire

-It looked like a road flare, you would clean the area that needed to be repaired and would light this flare up and drip the molten material to repair spot. Not sure what it was/is but I have been told it works. I have a 1967 Starcraft 18 foot Holiday (aluminum hull) and would not want to weld it. By the sounds of this boat you have, mine would be made of a thicker material, I have been running it with a Johnson 140 HP for 10 years now and ski the hell out of it all summer. One thing nice about the aluminum hulls is they are light, mine will jump out of the water in just a few feet, 1000 pounds of boat and 140 horses motivates good.

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