Cleaning painting part of aluminum boat

Can anyone suggest the best way to clean an aluminum boat before painting? How to paint a part of aluminum boat?

-What kind of paint are you using? Does the manufacturer have a recommended procedure? If so, you might as well just do as they say.

Personally, I've never painted an aluminum hull, but I painted part of a mast once, and I think I just sanded it, rubbed it with acetone, then put on the corrosion inhibitor (zinc chromate, I think?) and then white polyurethane paint.

-I have had great luck with a Porter Paint urethane fortified enamel, sprayed on. Sanding and priming your old hull is the most important part tho. Be sure you get all damaged or loose paint off and prime the bare metal as soon as possible. I used an etching 2 part primer from the auto body supply. This (and the urethane paint) are both pretty nasty stuff so use a respirator when you are shooting it

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