Paint an aluminum boat?

I am currently stripping all the old paint off an aluminum fishing boat. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get all the old paint off, especially in the scratched areas. Should I repaint it? If so, what would be the paint products to use? Any aluminum primer with any boat paint on top? how many coats of each?

-completely remove all the old paint (use a stripper if you have to). the aluminum then must be etched with acid to create a "tooth" for the paint to stick to. there is a commercial product on the market for this purpose. There are also combination product to etch and prime at the same time. For an old fishing boat that would probably be fine; for a yacht maybe not. Then paint it with almost anything you please. Easy- poxy comes to mind. It is pretty cheap. Automotive paint also works very well though its pricier. The above is the short answer to your question. Painting aluminum can go from the ridiulous to the sublime. Vincent Metals Corp has a catalog available that has a good explanation in the back. The catalog is meant for the professional clientele they serve but if you ask they'll probably give you one. The catalog is also a good resource for info on the "marine" aluminum alloys such as 5052 & 5086 plate and 6061 T-6. One final note...you may consider not painting it at all. Paint on an aluminum boat only serves to decorate it. If you use it to Duck Hunt and you want to keep them from "flairing" at the sight of your boat then go ahead and paint it. If you want it to "look pretty" thats ok also. But have no illusions about the paint system protecting the boat from anything like rust or corrosion...its not needed for that at all.

-Contact Interlux. They have data sheets and products for paint alum. boats.

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