WTB Waco Jon Aluminum boat

Want to buy a used aluminum boat sush as Waco Jon Boat . Must be reasonable and in Dallas area (or if your willing to travel) at least 12/16 foot and well taken care of. Any other brands do you recommend?

-Why not look at new. http://www.alohapontoons.com/1432.html


These start at about $530 and go up from there. I'm sure you can find a dealer in your area. I just bought a little bigger Waco Jon Boat myself. I went to www.directboats.com and got a price quoted with all the options from Bobby Peacock. Pretty good price. Way under the suggested price. As a courtesy to the local dealer I stopped in and told him I had a good price from an on-line dealer. I did not tell him how much. I told him I would buy the boat from him since he was local if he could get close. I expected him to be slightly more especially after I added in sales taxes, but he beat actually sold me the boat for almost the same price even after adding in local sales taxes.

In other words, atleast in the nicer boats Waco allows some room to deal for their dealers. On a less expensive boat like you are looking for there might not be as much room to play, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

-Go here, http://www.texasfishingforum.com/cgibin/ubbcgi/Ultimate.cgi , and look in the tradingpost section. There have been some there and you could post asking for one like you want. You will get lots of responses. Also, check here, http://whiskerkitty.com/6/ubb.x , and post/ask. On that site though you have to sign up to view or post. Both of these are predominately in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area but cover the entire state.

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