What Electronics Package for Jet Aluminum Boat? and how to use it?

In the process of putting together a order for a Welded Aluminum Jet Boat and don't know what electronics to put in it. It will be used for river camping and fishing the local rivers and lakes. I want a good depth, gps, fishfinder package but don't know anything about them.

-Nice boat. Similar to my 21' Jetcraft Bluewater. I have a ICOM m45 VHF. There is a CB in the boat, never used. Garmin 260 mapping GPS. Love this, as can find the launch ramp in the dark as well as know where I am (Sacramento Delta) and an am/fm/cassetetape radio. Never use the tape, but while lounging on the river, or anchor fishing, I will listen to ball games or music. I am changing the depth finder from an Impulse to a Pinpoint 7520 tomorrow. You want a wider transducer, 20 degree minimum, even a 45 is good on a river boat and shallow water lake boat. You need one that does no have excessive transmit power. One that will reduce power in shallow areas is great. You get to many reflections between the boat and bottom with excessive power. I will post later my experience with the Pinpoint.

-I have a very similar boat (NorthRiver) and did the following; Garmin GPSMAP 168 on the dash in front. Humminbird TX-400(?) in back under a side rail by the kicker. Standard VHF with the shorter (base loaded) antenna.

What is Your answer?

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