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I'm currently looking to buy an aluminum boat to be used mostly in rivers, lakes and bays. My ideal boat is 14' with a 20 hp Merc. With the following uses what would suit my needs the best and where to repair, a riveted or welded boat. - I do a fair amount of duck hunting on a river so the boat needs to be fairly stable. - I plan on doing some crabbing in bays - I will be taking it into lakes, some large some small. A general consideration is that I would like the boat to be able to handle modest swells that can occur in a large lake or bay. I am leaning toward the Gregor model because of the combination Vee/flat hull. Some folks have told me that welded boats are the only way to go because they are stronger. Other people say that the riveted boats are good way to go because they are somewhat flexible (no weld cracks). Anyway, to make a long post shorter, I would appreciate any opinions on the merits/problems with riveted vs welded boats. I want to get a boat that will meet my needs and last a long time.

-My family has been using a DuraBoat on Puget Sound for several years. The boat has an internal frame and special joints between sheets of alum. While it isn't welded it is considerably stronger than comparable rivited boats and has a nice V bottom that rides the rough water nicelywith higher than usual bow and freeboard. The boats come in a variety of sizes and configurations, we have a 12' model with a 6HP moter that is great for one person. The boats are made in Seattle so I don't know about advailability outside the Northwest.

-You can get the best strength to weight ratio in an aluminum boat with a riveted construction. This is why airplanes are riveted and not welded.

I welded boat will be heavier, made out of thicker material. It will take more abuse, and it will be easier to repair. So, if you are planning to beat the hell out of the boat, get a welded one.

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