Single or Dual Aluminum Boat Console?

New to freshwater fishing. Will be doing most around Lake Okeechobee. 2 people most of the time. I want something with a little speed. 30 - 40 mph, would be great. Faster, would be even greater. Willing to spend $5-7K on a used boat. What do you guys suggest and why? Size, Aluminum or glass, Single or dual console and why? Or am I kidding myself at that price?

-I would look for a dual console for safety of the rider ( gives then something to hold too)and helps block the wind and rain . If you can get a glass boat for that price i would be should to check the engine out,as for an aluminium for down there I would look at the Tournament V18 by Bass Tracker as it has a modified v bottom and will help you get into tight spots. For those speeds you'll need an 90 -125 hp engine just comparing it to mine with a 125 but also depends on the boat design as you get a couple more mph or less.

-According to my riders they would prefer it if I Have a 2nd council. We have a huge lakefly hatch on my home lake, and truthfully it is rather comical after a nice ride across the lake

-I'm going to go against the grain a little. While dual console boats are good for all of the reasons mentioned, I don't mind single console boats at all. They have their benefits as well. The windshield on the second console does not get in the way when casting. It's easier to walk all the way around the boat on a single console boat as the rod locker usually extends the front deck all the way behind the middle of the boat. Most single console boats I've seen have a hand rail for the passenger to hold on to if they want. If you get hungry, just open your mouth while at full speed. It works for whales, why not you. Single console boats tend to cost less. With a price range of $5k-7k, I think you will have better luck going with a single console. Sure, I'd recommend a dual console and all the trimmings... it's a no brainer if money is no object. But in this case, it appears it is. I'd also really look at aluminum boats. They send to be less expensive and easier to maintain then fiberglass. Aluminum also has it's draw backs. In big waves, they can get pounded. Also, the wind tends to push them around easier as they are much lighter. But their weight also means you get good speed with a smaller engine. My 17' Bass Tracker with a 60hp engine runs about 45mph. You can _easily_ find a nice aluminum boat for that rang

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