Aluminum Boat Columbia 36

I am thinking about buying a Aluminum Boat Columbia 36. Anybody care to comment?

-The boat is the largest in a series of boats designed for Columbia Yachts by William Crealock. The series included the 21' fixed-keel daysailer which had a huge cockpit and walk around mast, the Columbia 28 and 28 Mark II, and the 36. All these boats had the same basic hull form. I think the 36 was in production from the latest of 60's into the mid 70's. I have seen them with sloop and yawl rigs. Most were equipped with Atomic Four engines, but they could have been changed out by now. The 36 has a classic good look that is very pleasing to the eye, especially in this age of chunky boats that have goofy powerboat windows and look to have been overinflated at the service station air pump.

I would look the boat over real good for water intrusion just because of it's age. Also, get down in the bilge and look for signs of stress at the sub-bulkheads and check all wood components down there for rot. Just because the boat has a fiberglass interior does not mean there can't be trouble in the bilge. Also, check out the aluminum extrusion that backs up the vinyl rubrail. This has a cross section in the shape of an "H" and the hull and deck are fastened together using screws, sealant and this extrusion. Check the aluminum for collision dents. Get a few buddies to go with you, the more eyes the better. Read as much as you can, and remember there are a lot of boats for sale right now

-I would suggest viewing the Columbia Website,specifically the registry, contacting other 36 owners, and posting your request for information also on the Columbia Mail List, all of this information is available to you a

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