Help cleaning aluminum boat

I have a grey interior carpet on my father's boat and I was wanting to clean some of the stains out of his carpet before I return it to him. Do any of you have some suggestions on which brand and technique to use to get old stains out with. Also do any of you have suggestions for washing the exterior of an ALUMINUM boat.I did try an expensive acid based general boat cleaner and the result were poor for the price imo.

-Bissell spray can with light blue top - foam cleaner works great for me on everything from coffee stains to stepped on minnows!

-Try the high pressure soap spray at a car wash.

-Tuff Stuff multi-purpose foam cleaner in the yellow bottle/can. Available at Western Auto (Parts America), Auto Zone, etc..

- When I had an aluminum boat I would clean it with one of those citris based cleaners (can't remember the name of source). It would really cut the grime and scum. It smelled like oranges (probably because it was citris based - brain fart on my part). Also, go to where rent Rug Doctors or some other kind of carpet cleaner, they have concetrated stain remover for carpets.

-the best way to clean your boat is to rent a steam cleaner from somewhere (grocery store, hardware etc.)

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