Problem about Downrigger Noise and Aluminum Boat Chamber

I have a 17' aluminum boat with two downriggers mounted on the gunnels and some chambers. I am using eight pound weights.I get a very loud hum when trolling. Is this a common problem and can it be solved.

-On a 16' aluminum with two downriggers I get a hum when moving >1.5 mph with the riggers set at less than 75 ft. or so. The downriggers are mounted on a 10X2" wooden board that runs accross the stern, I've always figured it's the cable thats vibrating and not the boat too.

-I use to get the same noise in my 14' aluminum boat. In fact, the more cable I let out, the louder the hum. I guess it's because you got one long guitar string out in the water using your boat as the acoustic chamber. I also see and hear the same noise from other boats. But when I sold my 14' boat and installed the 'riggers on my 16' boat with carpeting, the hum disappeared. The 'riggers are mounted on storage/flotation chambers on each side of the boat. Try in find a way to insulate your mountings.

-If your guitar string theory is valid (which I do buy it), then it'd happen on any boat, even your 16' carpeted

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