aluminum boat building ?

Has anyone built an aluminum boat, and if so where do you get the plans? I bought a new 26' aluminum V-bottom hull, and I need to weld in a floor. I want to use 1/8 sheets do to cost. How big an area of 1/8" sheet can be unsupported? In other words how far can the angle "joists" be spaced under the floor which support the sheets. This will all be welded. Would a 2' X 2' area be too much? I will need 7 sheets for the floor.

-You need to talk to a designer (what about the guys that built the hull?) about what the intended use is. 2' spacing may _waste_ money and time by being way too small, or be way to far apart! When you say 2' are you talking 2'*2' squares, or simply 2' spacing of frames?

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If you are using 1/8th just due to cost, then that is a daft way to decide what way to design a boat, especially in aluminium.

Do you know how to weld aluminium? Do you know what sort of aluminium should be used for boats, and why? Are you able to design for stiffness/flex/fatigue?

At the very least I would get some aluminium and build a platform, then jump up and down on it and drop things on its, to see what it would take....and that is the very least.

-I have to agree with everyone else, 1/8" plate with supports as much as 2' apart is going to cause trouble. The deck of my boat uses 1/8" steel plate over 1 1/4" x 1/4" stringers spaced at 12" apart. You'll need to keep your supports no more than 12" apart. I would also use at least 3/16" plate. If money is a problem, buy half of what you need. By the time you get the half installed you may have the money to buy the other half. Buy the best you can afford. It's cheaper in the long run.

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