need small fishing boat and Aluminum Boat Accessory

I'm looking for a small aluminum boat and accessory for my son and I to go fishing at a nearby lake. I'd like to be able to hold at least 4 adults on the boat from time to time. I was also thinking of buying a used one with just a trolling motor on it.

What brand/model would you recommend? How much do you think it will cost?

-Include Lund boats in your shopping process. I've got a WC-14 yacht that works well for me. It's built like a tank. In 1999, it cost me $1600 with trailer, but without a motor. I don't know prices on new motors. I got a mint-condition used 15 hp Johnson for $1200, if I recall correctly.

We all have different criteria for these decisions. Mine was a boat that was capable of handling nasty wave conditions, maybe not smoothly, but safely, which this boat does. Click the bottom picture at this link, which also shows other boats in their "Adventure" series. They also make a 16 ft boat in the WC series: http://www.lundboats.com/adventureseries_2007.html

You mentioned 4 adults, though, and for more than one reason, that raises issues. First of all, all boats have a limit to how much passenger & gear weight they are designed to carry safely. You'll have to check the specs on these boats, vs. what kind of weight you expect to carry. You also need to take into account "luggage", and the types of people you will take on the boat.

Luggage: With 3 people in my boat, an ice chest, and multiple tackle boxes, things are crowded, especially if any of the people are clueless about keeping their stuff out from underfoot. Two hours of fishing and this gets tedious & cramped. So, for the typical 8 to 10 hour fishing marathon, I'll only take one passenger, unless I know I'm dealing with wide awake people. Take a really close look at the floor & storage space in whatever boat you find interesting. Don't estimate ANYTHING. If you intend to have 4 people in the boat, bring the family when you're shopping. Get volunteers from the store's staff to climb in the boat and see what things are really like with that many people, in terms of space

-Buy a boat for what you will be doing with it 80% of the time.

For you and one other on small water this could be a 14' open aluminum boat with a 15-25hp tiller out board. Small simple fishing boats can be $5000 to $10,000 new. They are wonderful.

A boat that will comfortable fish 4 adults is going to be a 16' simple aluminum open tiller boat but you will need 40hp to get that all up on plane. With accessories can be $15,000.

Now if the "gals" want nice seats, cold weather top and a wind sheild you are looking at around $30,000 for an 18' with a 150hp outboard.

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