What is All Welded Aluminum Jon Boat?

Its made of heavy guage aluminum, about 18' long, super wide and deep. Its an open boat (runabout?) and all welded. No rivets. I saw it at the gas station and the guys wife said it was a Jon boat. I searched on the web but there isnt much. Does anyone know where I can get more info?

-A jon boat is a type of boat, not a brand name. There can't be more than a zillion manufacturers of aluminum jon boats. If it was welded, it was a higher-end jon boat, since most are visibly riveted. In fact, I think only the Lund line is riveted and finished so carefully you cannot tell where the rivets are.

-I've often heard the term, but usually in a generic sense. I don't know if it represents an actual brand of boat or not. I've seen it spelled various ways (Jon boat, jonboat, john boat, johnboat) so try searching with variant spelllings.

-I've heard the term Jon Boat used mostly to describe a boat just like Robert described. Around here, the boats called "Jon boats" are, in scale, shaped like the lid of a shoe box. Most are olive drab in color, riveted sheet aluminum over light alum frame.

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