Small 18 Foot Aluminum Boat Recommendations

I'm going to be looking to buy a used aluminum boat 14-16ft for lake fishing and would like to know what brand/model/features to look for. I've got a mint 1966 Evinrude 6hp motor.

-Since you plan on using a 6 hp look more towards 12 ft boat. I have a 14 foot with 15 hp and think its underpowered. It's not that I am worried about speed but when the weather gets rough you need a little more power to control boat.

-It really depends on the type of water you'll be fishing on. If your fishing on a sizeable body of water or lake, I think you'll regret anything smaller than 14 foot. Plus, you'll really be limited to fishing only a small area around the dock. A motor of this size just won't get you around the lake and will really only serve to get you around the vicinity where you launch. Once your on the water even a 14 foot will feel SMALL, so you'll want to find one as wide as possible (closer to 5 foot or better) with an ample amount of depth (around 18" or so).

My preference for a small boat would be a 16 foot with a 25hp. You can do a lot more with it. But if you'll need to hand carry the boat at times, are intending to fish small ponds or rivers, and are limited to the 6 hp, you'll probably have to stay 12'-14' foot.

-I run a 16 ft Alumacraft with a 25 hp Merc (really need a 40) and use a 4 hp Merc (an oldie but goodie) as a kicker/trolling motor. I wouldn't want to cross the lake with the 4 but could if I had to.

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